Why eat twnty5?

twnty5 makes nutrition simple, allowing you to replace any meal anytime.

What is twnty5?

twnty5 is a complete meal which means it is designed to provide the average adult with all essential nutrients required to live. All of the vitamins & minerals in twnty5 are in a bioavailable form that is easy to digest.


Each twnty5 meal contains 25% Recommended Dietary Intake based on Australia and New Zealand Government Health Nutrient Reference Values.

Can kids eat Twnty5?

While not intended to replace every meal, kids can safely replace any meal with twnty5. Serving with milk is a great way to boost calcium intake for kids.

Can 65+ eat twnty5?

While not intended to replace every meal, adults over 65 years can safely replace any meal with twnty5.

What about allergens?

twnty5 is...

Soy Free + Gluten Free + Dairy Free

Vegan + Sucrose Free + Preservative Free

How do I mix Twnty5?

For best results blend 1 packet of twnty5 with about 500ml of water and some ice.

What is the shelflife?

Mixed: 12 Hours 
Refrigerated: 48 Hours
Unopened: 1 Year

Delivery Locations?

Available worldwide.

Is twnty5 a weight loss product?

Each 88g twnty5 meal contains 450kcal (1880kJ) which helps simplify weight management.

What does twnty5 taste like? 

twnty5 has a sweet taste. Feel free to blend it up with your own fruit, nuts or spices.

How do Subscriptions work?

Have twnty5 delivered to you every 28 days. CANCEL/PAUSE/ EDIT your subscription anytime for free from your twnty5 account.